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Rest in Peace

Mirage Of Lost Love

She grew by age she grew by mind,

But where heart concerned she remained blind.

She too had rosy dreams like all others her age,

But fate soon made her realize that life’s a desert & dreams mirage.

One day she met a stranger & they soon became friends,

He robbed her off her heart though his own he never lent.

He made her laugh he made her cry,

He provided the sky where her dreams could fly.

But soon her dreams where broken apart,

‘Cause a devil in disguise had broken her heart.

She sweared out never to love until her final day,

Swearing so she closed her eyes, in peace her body lay!!


The Perfect Couple

It is one thing to marry the person you love & other to turn it into a happy marriage. There’s nothing better than turning your love into a marital bliss but maintaining the ‘LOVE’ part requires immense hard work coz you never know when a Made-for-Each-Other couple may turn into a Mad-at-Each-Other couple!!

Though marriages are said to be made in heaven, it does require that little extra effort on the part of each partner to make up for a happy, healthy & heavenly marriage. From my personal experience of a love marriage, here are the top ten tips I feel are most important to make a marriage successful :-

  1. Have Mutual Respect – It is very important for both the partners to respect each other & value each other’s feelings & sentiments. The solution doesn’t lie in proving the other wrong but in respecting each other’s attitude towards life.
  2. Keep the Spark of Romance Always Alive – Never shy away from expressing your feelings to your partner & try to be innovative at times. Always try out ways to make your partner feel special & wanted even without an occasion coz you never know when you may be pleasantly rewarded!! Grab every opportunity to spell out those three magical words “I Love You” to let your beloved know how much you love & care. This helps keep up the juice & spice in your relation.
  3. Trust Your Partner – The three most important foundations of a successful marriage are Faith, Trust & Loyalty. Being secretive or suspecting your partner may lead to misconceptions & irreparable cracks in your relation.
  4. Keep Away from Nagging – Becoming a nagging soul can spoil your marital bliss. Learn to respect & value each other’s likes & dislikes to maintain harmony in your relationship.
  5. Compromise – This is the most important word in the dictionary of marriage. Compromise doesn’t mean killing your needs & wants altogether but to make small everyday adjustments to ensure a healthy relationship in the long run.
  6. Discover the Route to Each Other’s Happiness – For two people to have a happy marriage, it is important to discover what makes the other happy. A good way is to try to do things as he or she would like it done.
  7. Maintain Clear Communication – For a marriage to be successful it is important for the partners to have lucid & clear-cut communication. Remember that miscommunications & inhibitions can steal away the spark from your relationship.
  8. Share Responsibilities – It is very important for the partners to maintain a healthy balance at work & home & this is possible only when you learn to share & delegate your responsibilities.
  9. Avoid Being Angry at the Same Time – A simple yet effective way of preventing minor arguments from turning into regular fights is for one of the partner to stay calm. There’s no point in both the partners getting angry at the same time, the trick is to wait for your partner to calm down before you can talk through the problem. Also never go to sleep without settling issues.
  10. Do Not Forget Special Days – There are few important & not-to-be-forgotten days in your life that you can use to do something special for your beloved. It is extremely important that your remember all these days that are the trivialities of your relationship.

Stranger In The Mirror

She stared at me,
Through her dark dry eyes,
She seemed to me,
Like a ghost in disguise.

Her eyes held neither emotions,
Nor did they reflect her inner depth,
She looked like a Halloween,
It seemed for long she hadn’t slept.

Her lips were cracked,
Holding not a trace of moisture,
Oh God!They quivered as though,
She had been cursed by nature.

Her face looked dull,
As if it had been painted white,
The face that had once shone like moon,
Now held not even the stars light.

She was a complete stranger,
A close resemblance though she held,
To someone close to my heart,
Whom I had always known & felt.

Who was this strange girl,
Whom the mirror reflected each day,
Oh No! This was me,
I was forced to agree one day!!

Old Age Home

Parents at Old Age Home

Today, every single person is competing in a rat race & our lives have become so materialistic that words like emotions & feelings no more hold any meaning for us. We don’t have time for regrets or after thoughts. From social animals, we have been dehumanized to heartless animals.

Of course we are still very much a part & parcel of this so called society, but this word today sounds very hollow. This is because, the bonds of friendship, love & respect that was once the building blocks of this society have now been rendered dead by the termites named I, ME & MYSELF. The roots of materialistic pleasures have gone down to such an extent in our lives that not even incidences like death or the loss of some dear one seems to rock it.

It really tugs my heart to see the endless homeless parents who are admitted each day into “Ashiyana”, my institute for the old & homeless. Sometimes the state in which they are brought in, all swollen & bleeding, is so shocking that one is forced to reconsider the word “social” additive to animals.

Each young couple that brings in their old parents for admission in our institute has the same old theory to support their discomfort that their parents have become a nuisance or a reason for shame for them. The only question I ask in return is that, “Do you have children?”

Have these young people forgotten all the love & care that has been showered by these same old parents, who today expect the same from their children. Have they become so stone hearted that the weak, helpless eyes of their parents do not seem to pierce any corner of their heart. I guess the main reason is that, the gold rimmed glasses of materialistic pleasures, name, fame & money have blinded us to the reality that each one of us would have to face some day. We have forgotten that a single stone of time pelted on us can bring these glasses crashing down, leaving us with the sore reality of life.

Today I feel thankful to God that he gave me the opportunity to help these homeless old people start their lives afresh & seek some long deserved happiness in the warmth of our institute. Believe me it feels great to become the reason for a smile on someone’s face. But, I eagerly wait for the day when this institute will be closed for ever & the youth of our country will come to realize that, “Nothing Lasts For Ever. What today may seem like a bed of roses for them may tomorrow be mowed down by the realities of life”.

Mr. Lizard

Mr. Ugly

Oh! There comes Mr. Ugly again,


With his long tongue sticking out,

He walks with a sway of his hind,

‘though his hind is quite stout!

He makes a very stupid sound,

As that of the ticking of a clock,

His smile shows not a single teeth,

His face seems as if he mocks.

He wakes with the rising of the sun,

And walks the whole day long,

It seems he is never tired,

Quite swiftly he moves along.

He comes to see me everyday,

And that’s the moment I fear,

’cause sometimes out of happiness,

He comes quite close & near.

Whether it is his happiness,

Or his curiosity to know me,

I’m still quite unable to understand,

His sight just makes me pee!

Some call him “Mr. Ugly“,

Others refer as the ‘fat bastard’,

Who else can it be,

But, our very own ‘Mr. Lizard‘.

Sad Tiger Woods

Bye bye girlfriends

I need a scriptwriter to script apology speech for my personal use.  Script should be developed around following points:

  1. Though I cheated on my wife, still it should reflect how good I am as a husband and father.
  2. This apology is mainly for my fans and not for my family. I can afford to lose my family but not my fans.
  3. Script should be strong enough to gather some sympathy.
  4. Include comments on expressions I need to give while reading.
  5. Script should be lengthy, boring and hard to understand.
  6. Use of dictionary words is appreciable.
  7. First few pages should only talk about my success stories and good side of me.
  8. Avoid sentences like “I will not cheat again”, “I am sorry for my affairs”, “I have changed” which will end my future scope for affairs.


Preference will be given to person who is experienced in extra marital affairs and understand the need of a woman in life other than wife. Writer suffering from Sex Addiction will have first preference.

Cost: 10% of my income from advertisement.

Interested scriptwriters please contact me at

Tiger Woods.

Here I am this is me, I come to this world so I am free,

Here I am so young & strong, this is the place where I belong,

It’s a new world, it’s a new start, it’s the life with the beating of a young heart,

It’s a new day, on a new land, & it’s waiting for me…. Here I am!!

Save Tigers

An Innocent Tiger Cub

These are not just some lines picked up from a popular singer’s album, but the silent cry of that innocent tiger cub that was brought into this world by its mother with the promise of a new world where he would have a safe & secure childhood amongst several others his type. Although he finds himself into a new world today, it does not really seem as secure as was promised. 

Only about 1419 tigers left in the world but what are we doing to save them?? This is one question each one of us should be asking ourselves. Is this really the kind of new world we wish to create for our on-coming generations?

Imagine a day in school when a teacher would ask a student to explain the characteristics of a tiger & confidently he would say that a tiger is a three legged domestic animal, pink in colour that drinks milk!! This would seem silly to you now because you have actually seen a tiger, but just imagine the plight of the student who has never even heard of a tiger. This is no joke but the truth that we all would have to face for sure in the nearby future as a result of the fast disappearing tigers.

With just a few thousand tigers left in the world, its high time that we all stand up to find ways & means of saving our tiger population. It’s not the sole responsibility of organizations like PETA to save our disappearing tiger population but of the society as a whole.

So let’s take that one step ahead & contribute to the “Save Tiger” campaign. Let’s reach out to the world & have more & more people join in on this mission. I have already made a small contribution to this noble cause through this blog post, have you made yours??

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